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(All Cookies 2,50€ each | Minimum Order of 6 Cookies per Flavor)


Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies


White Chocolate & Cinnamon Cookies


Mini Cupcakes - 2,00€ each - Daily In-Store Offering May Vary - Multi-Pack Pricing Below


Chocolate Cake / Chocolate Frosting / Multi-Colored Sprinkles


Chocolate Cake / Vanilla Frosting / Pätkis*

Chocolate Cake / Vanilla Frosting / Pistachio

Chocolate Cake / Vanilla Frosting / Coconut


Chocolate Cake / Vanilla Frosting / Crushed Oreo 


Vanilla Cake / Vanilla Frosting / Multi-Colored Sprinkles

Vanilla Cake / Vanilla Frosting / Coconut


Vanilla Cake / Vanilla Frosting / Homemade Strawberry Jam*

Vanilla Cake / Chocolate Frosting / Snickers*

Vanilla Cake / Chocolate Frosting / Blondie Bakes' Chocolate Chip Cookie*

Pecan Cake / Cream Cheese Frosting (GF)*

Vegan Chocolate Cake Truffles

*Gluten-Friendly (GF): Baked in the same kitchen but does not directly contain Wheat Flour.

Mini Cupcake Multi-Pack Pricing

Single Mini (1-4)



      Box of 5 



      Box of 9 



      Box of 15 



      Box of 25



**Multi-Pack Pricing only available for flavors listed above. Custom orders will be charged starting from 2,00€/mini cupcake.**

Classic Apple Pie


Small Full Pie (Serves 6) - 25,00€

Large Full Pie (Serves 8-10) - 35,00€

Blueberry Pie

Small Full Pie (Serves 6) - 25,00€

Large Full Pie (Serves 8-10) - 35,00€


Full Batch - Cut (Serves 12) - 25,00€



Mom's Banana Bread

Mini Loaf (Serves 2-4) - 5,00€

Full Loaf (Serves 10-12) - 15,00€


Nearly all of our cupcake flavors can be turned into a cake! Cake prices start from 39,00€. Custom Cakes? Check out our Cakes page!

Small Cake

(10+ Servings)



Medium Cake

(15+ Servings)



Large Cake

(25+ Servings)




Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting (Serves 12) - 35,00€



Soft-Baked Cookies

(Frozen Cookie Dough Roll 15,00€ each | Makes 10-12 Cookies)


Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies


White Chocolate & Cinnamon Cookies


Mini Cupcake Multi-Pack


Stop by the shop and create your own Multi-Flavor Gift Box!

Blondie Bakes' Easy-Bake Cookie Jars

(Layered Dry Ingredients with Baking Instructions - Just add Butter & Egg!)

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

White Chocolate & Cinnamon Cookies

1 Jar for 14,90€ or 2 Jars for 25,00€

Gift Cards

Gift Cards can be made out for any € amount and expires 4 months from the date of purchase.

You can also choose to give a specific offering, for example, 4 Mini Cupcakes & 2 Coffees!

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If you'd prefer to make your purchase online, using a credit card, please let us know and we'll create a
custom payment link for you!


We bake everything in our tiny kitchen in Kauppakeskus City Center. If you suffer from severe wheat, dairy, or nut allergies, we strongly caution against consuming our product.




Citycenter- 1st Floor






Tel: 040-9617050



Mon-Fri 11-18

Sat 11-16


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