Cookies just have that baked-in nostalgia. It's so simple and yet so satisfying. Everyone seems to have that special one which reminds them of their childhood. Ask our staff which Blondie Bakes Cookie is their favorite - if you have trouble choosing! 


We have a variety of cookies in Blondie Bakes, but Chocolate Chip Cookies are always available. It's the classic, quintessential American cookie. 

Bake Shop = Cupcakes... Mini Cupcakes, if you please..


They're just. so. cute! 

These little "one-biters" are just the thing when you want a little variety.. We offer these babies in Blondie Bakes as singles or in multiples with special pricing. Pop in and create your own box... There's no need to choose just one! 


The variety of cupcake flavors may change daily. Check out our Ordering list for a quick peek at what we offer!


Pie is a classic, All-American treat. It's the "no-frills" dessert. It celebrates nothing and everything all at the same time. It just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside - we like that feeling around here....


We have a variety of pies available in Blondie Bakes but Classic Apple Pie is a favorite! We also serve Rhubarb Pie, Blueberry Pie, and Pumpkin Pie when their respective seasons approach!


If you're craving chocolate; look no further - You're not going to find a fudgier brownie anywhere!


Thick, dense, rich, and loaded with chocolatey goodness! 


These are made with real chocolate - Not just cocoa powder.


You can enjoy them as they are or you can take them home, warm them, and top them with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce for Brownie a la mode. 


Mom's Banana Bread. It's not as savory as bread and it's not as sweet as cake. So what is it?


Well, it all comes down to individual tastes. We, Americans, eat it for breakfast! It's a bread nearly every American will be able to say their mom makes. 

We bake the Banana Bread in a few different sized loaves, but we always have slices available in-store. Call ahead if you'd like to have a full loaf made for you. The Mini Banana Loaf is just the cutest little thing, it feeds 2-4 people and is perfect for gifting!



Who needs a good reason to celebrate? Not us! Americans celebrate just about anything we can get away with! 

Any reason to eat cake will do:

 * You finally finished painting that bedroom wall

 * Your 3 year old decided they'll get themselves sorted in the bathroom

 * You've finally organized the "junk drawer"

Even if you'd just like to stick to the traditional reasons for celebrating - birthdays, retirements, anniversaries - Most of Blondie Bakes' Cupcake flavors can be used to make a cake. Contact us for more details!


Aah, yes... Cinnamon Rolls... Pillowy-soft, sweet bread, sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon, then topped with Cream Cheese Frosting. These just melt in your mouth... You might not be able to eat just one!

Cinnamon Rolls are a seasonal offering, so check our Social Media for updates if you're hoping to catch them served as singles! They're a labor of love so, when we do have them, they'll come out of the oven after lunch - Just in time for coffee! 

Cinnamon Rolls can be ordered ahead of time, too! You're welcome to order a Full-Batch (12) for those moments when you just don't care about having buns of steel, as long as you can have buns of Cinnamon..


We believe that if you start with quality ingredients, there's no reason to feel guilty about having dessert every night!

We offer our Soft-Baked Cookies for you to bake at home!


There's always a need for something quick and tasty with no fuss. We sell these sweets frozen, so you can have them on hand, in your freezer for when your in-laws show up unexpectedly (and you just can't bear to disappoint them... again) or when you'd just like a cookie (or 6) fresh from the oven. 

Each Cookie Dough roll comes with clear instructions on how to finish them off in the oven, so you'll have the added bonus of a sweetly scented home!





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