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How are Blondie Bakes' Sweets prepared?

Our products are made from scratch, on-site, every day. Our standard for quality ingredients is important to us but, it's proper home-style baking so, all of our ingredients can be found in your local shop.

What does "Gluten-Friendly" & "Low-Lactose" mean?

We bake everything in the same kitchen. In our little corner of the world, the definitions are understood as follows:

*Gluten-Friendly: Baked in the same kitchen but does not directly contain Wheat Flour.
*Low-Lactose: Baked with Lactose Free Oat Milk and Low-Lactose Butter.

Where can I find the ingredients or baking instructions?

If you've purchased Bake-At-Home products from us or you're curious about the ingredients we use, you can find downloadable information for both under the FAQ tab in our navigation menu.

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