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"A party without a cake is just a meeting."

    - Julia Child          

Pricing Guide

Small Cake (8+ Servings)

Classic Cakes

Starting from 39,00€

Specialty Cakes


Add Seasonal Flavor: +5,00€

Add Custom Decoration: +5,00€

Add Colored Frosting: +5,00€

Medium Cake (15+ Servings)

Classic Cakes

Starting from 75,00€

Specialty Cakes


Add Seasonal Flavor: +7,00€

Add Custom Decoration: +7,00€

Add Colored Frosting: +7,00€

Classic Cakes

Starting from 105,00€

Specialty Cakes


Add Seasonal Flavor: +9,00€

Add Custom Decoration: +9,00€

Add Colored Frosting: +9,00€

Large Cake (25+ Servings)

Cake Examples

Click on photo for details | Images above are examples of our work | Custom Fondant or Edible Logo/Photo can be discussed and confirmed via email

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Classic Cakes


Chocolate Cake / Vanilla Frosting / Naked

Chocolate Cake / Vanilla Frosting / Classic

Chocolate Cake / Chocolate Frosting / Naked


Chocolate Cake / Chocolate Frosting / Classic

Vanilla Cake / Vanilla Frosting / Naked

Vanilla Cake / Vanilla Frosting / Classic

Vanilla Cake / Chocolate Frosting / Naked


Vanilla Cake / Chocolate Frosting / Classic

"Birthday Cake"

Vanilla Cake / Vanilla Frosting / Sprinkles

Chocolate Cake / Vanilla Frosting / Sprinkles

Specialty Cakes

Seasonal Flavors


Chocolate Cake / Vanilla Frosting / Coconut

Chocolate Cake / Vanilla Frosting / Crushed Pistachio

Chocolate Cake / Vanilla Frosting / Pätkis

Chocolate Cake / Vanilla Frosting / Crushed Oreo 


Vanilla Cake / Strawberry Frosting / Homemade Strawberry Jam

Vanilla Cake / Vanilla Frosting / Coconut

Vanilla Cake / Chocolate Frosting / Blondie Bakes' Chocolate Chip Cookies

Vanilla Cake / Chocolate Frosting / Snickers

**We do not make our Pecan & Cream Cheese flavor into a cake as it does not present well and is difficult to portion and serve.**

Cakes available in-store are flavored and decorated at Blondie Bakes' discretion | Starting from 39,00€

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We bake everything in our tiny kitchen in Kauppakeskus City Center. If you suffer from severe wheat, dairy, or nut allergies, we strongly caution against consuming our product. 





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Sat 11-18

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Chocolate & Peanut Butter

Chocolate Cake / Peanut Butter Frosting / Crushed Peanuts & Chocolate Drizzle Specialty Cake (Small) 39,00€+ Added Seasonal Flavor + 5,00€ Added Custom Decor +5,00€ 49,00€